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Flexible Options for Couples and Singles

Whether you’re dating, married or single, I’m a relationship, dating and life coach with a program to meet your individual needs. If you’re single, a dating coach can help you call in “The One.” If you’re in a relationship – happy or otherwise – a relationship coach can help you experience more love. I also coach those who refuse to settle for anything less than an extraordinary life.

My coaching packages range in price from £395 to £2,500.

You receive a discount when you purchase nine or twelve session packages.

Contact me to arrange an initial complementary call. We’ll discuss your unique needs and coaching options to assist you. And we’ll make sure we’re a good fit for working together.

A Discovery Session Leads the Way

Whether you are an individual interested in extraordinary life coaching, Calling in “The One” coaching, or Conscious Uncoupling coaching, or a couple interested in relationship coaching, the process always begins with an individual one-on-one Discovery Session. During this telephone conversation, we’ll explore different topics based on the type of coaching you desire. We might discuss:

  • What you must accomplish in your lifetime to feel complete with no regrets
  • The values you want to honor in your greatest life
  • Your patterns in love relationships
  • How you might be a contributing source of these patterns
  • Your vision for the greatest love relationship possible
  • The Discovery Session gives you greater clarity about where you want to go in life and love, and the road map for getting there. It’s an illuminating and inspiring process.

Contact me to request a list of my coaching packages.

In the meantime, be sure and take advantage of my free introductory offers.

Find Love Online or Off – Call in “The One”

Your coach will help you learn to self-soothe your emotional reactivity so you are able to act as a healthy adult in your relationships. You will learn to:

  • Awaken your co-creative power by seeing yourself as the source of your life experiences. You are the creator, not the victim.
  • Become magnetic to great love, rather than chasing after it.
  • Set a clear and powerful intention to create the love of your dreams.
  • Identify how you need to grow to manifest your vision of love fulfilled.
  • Distinguish between being needy and having healthy needs, in order to have a healthy love relationship.

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7-Week Coaching Program

Our 7-week conference call coaching programs begin with an individual one-on-one Discovery Session. The next seven weeks consist of a program you choose that suits your needs:

  • Private coaching for individuals who desire one-on-one attention

We also offer Calling in “The One” support for participants who have completed one of the 7-week coaching programs.

It is during the seven weeks that the real work takes place. The 7-week coaching program synopsis looks like this:

Week 1: Prepare for Love – Identify your patterns in love and begin to see yourself as the source from a place of curiosity and compassion. Give up being a victim. Set an intention to cause a breakthrough in love. Create space in your home and life for your beloved.

Week 2: Complete the Past – Evolve beyond old resentments. When you feel victimized you don’t have access to your authentic power to create what you most want in life. Evolve beyond your conscious and unconscious old agreements you made that no longer serve you. Evolve beyond toxic tie relationships.

Week 3: Transform Core Beliefs – Identify your core false beliefs about yourself, others, and the possibilities for love in your life. Recognize how you’ve been showing up in life that creates evidence for these false beliefs. Identify new ways of showing up that are more consistent with the truth of who you are.

Week 4: Activate Your Magnetic Power – Have an embodied, five senses experience of love fulfilled in your life. Live your life as if your beloved is here now. Anchor into the knowingness that great love is possible for you.

Week 5: Become “The One” – Give to yourself as the foundation for giving to others. Become aware of and attend to your own feelings and needs. Balance healthy giving and receiving. Commit to your own well-being and take actions that reflect that commitment.

Week 6: Create an Extraordinary Life as a Foundation for Extraordinary Love – Generate love everywhere you go. See things from multiple perspectives and get free from making others wrong. Challenge old fears with transformative self-talk. Improve communication and your ability to create meaningful connection.

Week 7: Manifest Your True Love – Make empowered meaning of disappointment. Listen to your intuition for your next step. Align with your higher purpose for creating love in your life. Use the power of gratitude to attract all that is good. Take risks to create more possibilities for love.

As you can see, the 7-week course will involve self-work on your part. Whether you’re looking to find love online or in the local gym, Our 7-week Calling in “The One”conference call coaching sessions can provide you with the breakthrough and deep love you desire.

Coaching for an Extraordinary Life

Life coaching helps men and women identify and achieve their personal goals. It’s an opportunity to be listened to, encouraged and supported — so you can create a life that brings you joy and assists you in realizing your most cherished objectives. We have fully trained psychotherapists and Certified Professional Life Coaches with a variety of tools and techniques at their disposal. As your life coach, she draws inspiration from sociology, psychology, positive adult development, career counseling, mentoring and other types of counseling, and melds these with skillful questioning. She will help you discover your own best possible self and realize your life dreams.

Coaching for an extraordinary life is like “The Secret” delivered personally to your doorstep. You need only open the door.

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Life Coaching Game Plan

We bring our knowledgeable insight and skillful questioning to each telephone coaching session. Much work is done between coaching sessions. Your life coaching program begins with a Discovery Session. During this time we will explore your current satisfaction with:

  • Finances
  • Career
  • Health
  • Personal growth and spirituality
  • Fun and recreation
  • Romance and sexuality
  • Friends and family
  • Your physical environment
  • Living in alignment with your values

We will explore the gap between where you are currently in each of the above areas of your life – and where you want to be. The Discovery Session is followed by private coaching sessions. These enable you and your coach to fine-tune your environment and relationships so you may create and honour your best life.

Our Extraordinary Life Coaching consists of:

  • 90-minute Discovery Session
  • 40-minute life coaching sessions as needed
  • (7) Life coaching sessions for a 10% discount